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Are you a Carer, Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist? Join our Healsoul.

We thrive on building a healthy community for all individuals.

We care for the growing needs of our community. We build systems for providing health services for individuals, families, communities and populations in general.
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Bring best quality health services to ones who are in need worldwide.
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Hospital Connected
Our hospitals are equipped with the latest utilities, technologies, and devices.
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Local Partners
We established cooperation & partnerships in supporting the community

Health Care Services

We make efforts to change the way that senior community is offered with changing need of both present and future.
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Know the Functional Capacity

Functional capacity can mean a person's ability to cope with daily-life activities, but in its widest definition it may mean health status or quality of life. Functional capacity has often been studied through measuring daily-life activities (ADL scales) or instrumental daily-life activities (IADL scales). Chronic diseases, depression, cognitive impairment, low physical and social activity and low socio-economic status are also connected to physical functioning.

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Sathish Kumar

The Senior helpline greatly expedited my connection with geriatric doctors, allowing me to reach them in record time.

Sathish Kumar
Sathish Kumar

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Priya Anand
Priya Anand

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